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Who is Jacob?

I’m Jacob, and I make web applications. I also do other things, like feed my cat, volunteer in youth ministries, take college courses, and play frisbee - but not necessarily in that order. I originally became a Software Engineer because I loved making things, and especially loved learning how people interacted with those things. There is nothing quite like watching someone utilize your own creation. It was this passion that lead me into working with web apps, more specifically PHP frameworks like Laravel and Wordpress.

What can I do?

All sorts of stuff really. I make games, apps, and other programs.... But what do I really do? What am I good at? I love building web applications from a back-end first approach. I work best alongside designers - as they compensate for my lack of front-end experience - but I love working with back-end developers as well, as its always valuable to have another perspective when coding such complicated machines. But I don’t just grab a few talented individuals and start creating for creativities’ sake. No, I’m a value driven engineer, and updates made to this website - and really any website I’m building - are based on what will add value to the user’s experience.

Why is the next update?

Hey, take it easy! In between classes, work, and feeding my chubby cat, it's hard to find time to invest in this site. However, due to dedication, coffee, and my self management style, I’ve been able to launch the initial version of this site! But yeah, it is still boring, so why not sign up below to get notified when it's a little less boring?